Important tips to survive the hostel days

  If you are moving into a hostel for the first time as a student and you are still a teenager from inside, then you have to face many iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//"> difficulties at the begining because you have to adjust yourself according to the new environment. Living far away from home with new people who are coming from different background makes things more complicated. Despite of


 Teenage is considered as one of the most intricate phase of life because your son/daughter no longer remains a kid they are slowly transforming themselves into an adult. According to a survey, it has been figured out that the majority of teenagers suffer from low self-esteem as well as low self-confidence and even confusion in some of the cases.

During this teenage phase of life, hormonal change starts taking place inside the body. As a result of this hormonal change lot of physical changes can be noticed outside the body. Sudden physical changes within the body are entirely responsible for low self-confidence among teenagers.



As we all know it very well that self-confidence is primarily listed as one of the critical factors to get success. The level of self-confidence directly affects the person's behavior in public and determines the person's overall personality.

From this above point, it is quite evident to say that a higher level of self-confidence should be present among teenagers. Otherwise, they will not be able to establish themselves in this cruel and competitive world because the teenager has to face a lot of emotional ups and downs. Not only emotional problems teenagers have to tackle educational pressure also.

Teenage acts as a gateway to adulthood; hence higher self-confidence should be possessed by the teenager. Otherwise, teenagers will never be able to establish themselves as prosperous person when they will reach their adulthood.


The ways through which parents can help teenagers to boost their self-confidence level:

Teenagers always look upon their parents as a source of role models and inspiration. For this particular reason, parents can uplift the self-confidence level among teenagers very quickly. If your teenager is drawing inspiration from his/her elder brother or sister or any other person, there is nothing to worry. The only thing you have to look after that your teenager is drawing attention from a positive source. otherwise they will end up in destruction of their career. 


·         Always treat them with respect: As a parent, you have to keep it in mind that your teenager is growing slowly and maturing themselves into an adult. I hope everyone know it very well that every person deserves respect. Similarly, teenagers also deserve respect, and their opinion in a family matter should be given similar importance as that of an adult.


·         Praise your teenager very often: Try to praise your teenager for the excellent job they did, getting  praised from your side will boost their level of self-confidence. Try to keep themselves aware of the fact that you are proud of them.


·         Stop criticizing: Parents should avoid criticism as much as possible because criticism directly affects the teenager's self-confidence level. After a specific limit of criticism, they will feel humiliated and become hopeless.


·         Always focus on their strengths: Never compare your teenager with another teenager of his/her age. Because every teenager use to have their own strengths and weaknesses. As a parent, it should be your duty to focus and point out your teenager's areas of strength. After finding out the strengths try to make them realize that these are your strengths, and you have to work on this area. So that they can give the best out of them in that field.


·         Make them realize that physical looks don't matter: Most of the time, it has been noticed among teenagers that they use to suffer from anxiety because of their physical looks. It's a widespread tendency which can be noticed among teenager that they use to make their body and face looks like celebrities. But they end up in failure, which results in the downfall of self-confidence. It must be your duty as a parent to make them realize that look doesn't matter to get success in life. 


·         Act as support: Role played by the parents in the life of a teenager is immense. Small-small gestures from your side can be a great source of support when your teenager is suffering from low self-confidence and low self-esteem. Small support from your side can act as a source of catalyst, which will boost their level of self-confidence in the long run.


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