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  If you are moving into a hostel for the first time as a student and you are still a teenager from inside, then you have to face many iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//"> difficulties at the begining because you have to adjust yourself according to the new environment. Living far away from home with new people who are coming from different background makes things more complicated. Despite of


Skin care


Teenagers used to suffer a lot from these two primary dermatological conditions: Acne and Excessive sweating. Today in this blog, I am going two discuss these two dermatological conditions and their proper treatment.



Acne is listed as one of the most common dermatological problems occurring among teenagers. If your teenager is suffering from Acne, then there is nothing to worry about it. Acne is a highly curable dermatological condition if proper medical advice is taken from the dermatologist. 

An infinite number of microscopic pores are present on the skin's surface through which the sweat and sebum secretion occurs. When these tiny pores get clogged due to sebum ultimately results in the development of Acne. Sebum is the oil that is released by the body to keep the skin hydrated. During adolescence amount of sebum secretion gets increased, which results in clogging of the pores filled up with dead skin cells. Pimple comes out as an immediate result of clogging, and the development of pimple during the teenage years is quite common. When a ubiquitous skin bacteria named


·      Wash your face twice/thrice a day with a cleanser and always try to use non-comedogenic cosmetics. Washing your face with the help of a cleanser will prevent your face and facial hairs (in case of males) from becoming oily because oily skin is highly prone to acne growth.

·        Topical medications are very much recommendable in case of Acne treatments. Topical medications generally include different types of cream, lotions, and gels. Most of these products use to minimize the amount of oil secretion.

·        One can go for an Isotretinoin treatment in the severe cases of Acne.

·         Laser therapy is also available.

·        Chemical peel and medical advice are also applicable in extreme situations.





Sweating or perspiration is a natural phenomenon through which an abnormal rise of internal body temperature is regulated. Some of the major factors responsible for sweating are strenuous activity, stressful work, and even tension that can increase the body's internal temperature. A situation in which excessive sweating takes place is known as Hyperhidrosis. After these activities, when the body's internal temperature starts rising, sweat comes out through numerous pores present on the different parts of the body to regulate the sudden temperature rise.

In general, persons who are suffering from the problem of Hyperhidrosis use to sweat more from the areas of palms, underarms, feet, and head. Hyperhidrosis is a dermatological condition in which a person profusely sweats from these above- mentioned above body parts. However, the rest of the body remains cold and dry as compared to these body parts.

Usually, teenagers use to suffer more from excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) than other elderly persons. Because teenagers stay active throughout the day due to their busy schedules, they become more prone to excessive sweating. Hence excessive sweating comes second in the list of common dermatological problems among teenagers.



·Regular use of antiperspirants.

·Taking injections of botulinum toxin.

·Intake of anticholinergic drugs as prescribed by the dermatologist.

·Iontophoresis treatment is quite helpful in the case of excessive sweating.

·Surgery in case of severe Hyperhidrosis.



An important conclusion can be drawn from the content that Acne and Excessive sweating are the two major dermatological problems among teenagers. I have written this content wholly based on my personal experience. In my opinion, Acne and Excessive Sweating are quite common among teenagers. While on the other hand, Dandruff is not only restricted to teenage group, it is occurring quite frequently among the elderly groups also. For this particular reason I have eliminated Dandruff from this blog post.

From my point of view Ace and Excessive sweating are two primary dermatological conditions which affect the teenage group. But there is nothing to worry proper treatments are available to cure these dermatological conditions.



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