Important tips to survive the hostel days

  If you are moving into a hostel for the first time as a student and you are still a teenager from inside, then you have to face many difficulties at the begining because you have to adjust yourself according to the new environment. Living far away from home with new people who are coming from different background makes things more complicated. Despite of all these problems, you are going to miss all those amazing people whom you have met in the hostel at the end of your hostel life. Experiencing the hostel life is one of its kind in itself, and I am  going to tell you some of the essential tips which i have personally experienced and implemented during my hostel days that can help you to make your hostel life amazing.   Some essential tips to make your hostel day's better: ·          Carry surplus amount of home made food:   In most of the hostels, food which is served to the students is not up to the mark in terms of taste and quality. If you are living in the hostel for

Teenager boys and their problems

Teenage boy

Teenage days are not at all easy for both boys and girls. As we all know it very well that life is all about struggle and difficulty. But struggle and difficulty of teenage phase are quite different from other phases of life. During the teenager phase of life, teenagers use to develop problems with their own body and their mind.
Problems faced by both girls and boys during the teenage phase of life are quite different from each other. In my previous blog, I have explained all the problems which are faced by a teenage girl. In this present blog, I am going to discuss some important problems faced by a teenager boy. In my next upcoming blog, I will explain all the parenting skills which are mainly required by parents to manage their teen both girls and boys in an appropriate manner. Without wasting too much of your precious in the introduction part it's better to start the blog.

Major problems which are faced by a teenage boy:

·         Mood swings

Sudden mood swings can be considered as one of the most important reasons behind the problems faced by a teenage boy. Sometimes mood swings can be considered as a sign of depression. Mood swings among teenage boys are very common and mood swings ultimately led to baffling anger and exhaustion.

·         Squeaky voice

As soon as the boy enters the teenage phase of life cracks can be noticed for the first time in the voice of the boys. The cracking sound of voice signifies the beginning of the teenage phase. Because teenage mainly act as an interim phase in which the voice completely changes into an adult male voice. This drastic change in voice can be considered as one of the potential reasons behind the problems faced by a teenage boy. To clear this point to my readers an imaginary situation is created. Suppose a boy answers a question in the classroom in two different pitches. Automatically the boy will feel awkward in front of the whole classroom. Sometimes squeaky voice can be considered as one of the important reasons behind bullying.

·         Aggression

    The third most important problem which can be taken into count in the life of a teenage boy is aggression. The signs of aggression can be noticed very easily inside a teenage boy. Because most teenage boys are not able to channelize their anger emotion properly. This ultimately results in outbursts of anger which triggers the process of self-destruction.

·         Peer pressure

Peer pressure can be counted as another important problem which is faced by a teenage boy. In general teenagers, both girls and boys have to face a huge amount of pressure coming from family and society in terms of academics and career. But in most of the cases, it has been figured out that boys have to face more amount of pressure coming from family and society. Especially in the male-dominated society. In which boys enjoy more amount of independence as compared to a girl of the same age. It has been proved in medical science that creating excessive pressure over teenagers gives birth to teen depression.

You can visit this link to get more information about teen depression: 


A teenage boy usually goes through a lot of turmoil during the teenage phase of life which gives birth to various types of problems. Teenage is mainly considered as one of the most delicate phases of life. As a parent, it is your responsibility to take utmost care of your teenager. Otherwise, they will become susceptible to the various serious type of problems in later phases of life. Keep your teen safe and healthy.


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