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  If you are moving into a hostel for the first time as a student and you are still a teenager from inside, then you have to face many iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//"> difficulties at the begining because you have to adjust yourself according to the new environment. Living far away from home with new people who are coming from different background makes things more complicated. Despite of

Bullying- A Burning problem among teens

Bullying among teenagers in school, coaching center, and playgrounds are becoming common day by day. Teen suffering from a serious kind of bullying can result in deterioration of mental and physical health. As a parent of your teen, you must recognize the signs of bullying. At a very early stage and immediate measures should be taken to prevent it. Otherwise, the consequences of bullying are very serious and it can affect the teen throughout life.

Recently bullying has changed its form into cyber-bullying. The number of cases of cyber-bullying among the teen is getting increased. The main reason for me to write this blog is to convey a delicate message to my readers and teen parents. If you notice any type of signs and symptoms of bullying or cyber-bullying in your teen just give a quick response to it.

What do we understand by term bullying?
If a person uses strong words or actions against another person just to humiliate them or to disturb their well being is termed as bullying. The main objective behind bullying a person is just to make them feel low.


What are the main reasons behind bullying?

Some of the main reasons behind bullying a teen are written below:

·         To set a powerful image among others

Bullying is mainly adopted by the teens in school who are having a physically stout body. The main motive of these students is to demonstrate their power in front of weak students.

·         To gain popularity

Another important reason behind bullying especially in school is to gain popularity. This type of tendency can be seen among teen who has the desire to climb the social ladder in school.

·         Revenge

Bullying can be considered as an immediate effect of revenge. Bullying is adopted by the teens once who are the victims of bullying. These type of teens feels a sigh of relief when they bully others.

·         Domestic violence

Domestic violence is becoming a social problem day by day. Teens who are mainly coming from the household which suffers from domestic violence are mainly associated with bullying. This type of teen use to learn one thing very well from parents that violence is the only way to control others. As we all know that parents act as a source of model and inspiration for teens.

·         Self-pleasure

Self-pleasure can be considered as another important reason behind bullying. When teens feel bored and try to self-entertain themselves. They start bullying other teens. Sometimes teen starts bullying because they are ignored by their parents.

Common types of bullying:

·         Physical bullying: Physical bullying includes throwing stones, hitting, and kicking. Physical bullying is the most dangerous form of bullying.

·         Verbal bullying: In verbal bullying teens used to bully other teens by making funny names, teasing, and sometimes taunting. Verbal bullying can heart a teen emotionally. 

·         Social bullying: Fake rumors are spread in the name of a teen who is not at all involve in any type of filthy activity. In social bullying teen has to suffer from a lot of social embarrassment.

·         Cyber-bullying: This is also known as electronic bullying. It is one of the modern form of bullying. The social media platform is one of the best way to bully someone in cuber-bullying.

What are the signs of bullying in teenagers?

Parents should use their good parenting skills to understand the signs of bullying. Negative effects of bullying comes with a lot of warning signs in teens which should be easily recognized by the parents. Some of the important signs of bullying are written below which will help the parents to increase their parenting skills:
1.      Trying to avoid going to school or coaching classes.
2.      Dirty uniform when coming back from school regularly.
3.      The downfall can be noticed in school grades.
4.      Trying to avoid a friend circle.
5.      Changes in the sleep cycle or not able to sleep properly because of embarrassment.
6.      Signs of depression and headache.
7.      Trying to avoid social media platforms.
8.      The downfall in confidence level and self-esteem.


  Steps to be taken by parents if your teen is a victim of bullying:

·         As a parent of your teen, you must inform the school or coaching authority about the incident of bullying.
·         Try to ensure the safety of your teen. Always try to give mental support to your teen when they are suffering from bullying.
·         Give proper training to your teen about self-defense. The best way to fight against bullying is self-defense. Most of the victims of bullying are not able to fight because they lack self-esteem and confidence. But proper training and mental support from parents can help the teen to cope up with this situation.
·         Last and most important step which can be taken by parents against bullying is lodging a complain to the police authority.

End Words

If your teen is suffering from bullying in school, playground, or coaching institute. Then necessary steps should be taken by you otherwise it will be too late. To prevent your teen from the side effects of bullying.


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