Important tips to survive the hostel days

  If you are moving into a hostel for the first time as a student and you are still a teenager from inside, then you have to face many iframe style="width:120px;height:240px;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="//"> difficulties at the begining because you have to adjust yourself according to the new environment. Living far away from home with new people who are coming from different background makes things more complicated. Despite of

solution to teenage problems


Surviving the teen years is not at all easy for teenagers. Both teenage girls and boys use to face different types of problems throughout their teenage. The solution to teenage problems is not at all difficult for parents. Parents can easily help their teen to get out of their respective problems. As I have mentioned this point several times in my blog that teenage is the most delicate phase of life. As a parent, it is your responsibility to guide your teenager throughout the teenage days. Otherwise, they will get deviated from their original path.
 In my earlier two blogs, I have elaborately explained the problems which are generally faced by a teenager. But in this blog, I am going to discuss some important tips which can be followed by parents. To help their teen in a troublesome situation. Let's move on to the main part of the blog without wasting too much of your expensive time.


Special pro tips for parents to solve their teenager problems:

·         Excessive use of social media and electronic devices

This particular problem is considered as one of the major problem in most households, especially with teenagers.

Not allowing your teenager to use a mobile phone or completely cutting off internet access is completely a bad idea. This type of sever action can result in backfire. Allow your teenager to use mobile phones and also allow them to access social media platforms. But strict rules and guidelines should be fixed and set up regarding the use of mobile phones and access to social media platforms. Secondly, you can monitor your teenage online activities by checking their browsing history.

·         Sudden mood swings

Mood swings among teenager is a very common problem. Most of the teenagers both boys and girls use to suffer from this problem. The solution to this teenage problem is very easy. Parents can easily solve this problem.


In most cases, it has been figured out that parents use to blame their teenage kid for overreacting in some of the situations. But in reality, teenagers use to suffer from sudden mood swings which are direct actions of hormonal changes. As a parent, you can solve this teenager problem very easily with the proper help of communication and understanding.
·         Aggressive attitude:

This particular problem of aggression is very common in teenage boys rather than in girls.


Teenage boys are very poor at controlling anger emotions, so we can easily spot a teenage boy is shouting or showing aggressive looks to someone else. Sometimes teenagers use to show their aggression in front of parents. In that particular situation, parents use to stop their angry teen by shouting back at them. This particular act of parent will make their teen more aggressive in the future. Parents can easily solve this problem by allowing their angry teen to calm down and by encouraging them to establish open communication.

·         Menstruation problems

This problem range is completely restricted to teenage girls. Most of the teenage girls use to develop different kind of misconceptions in their mind with the onset of menstruation phase.


Parents can easily solve this problem by clearing all the doubts about the menstruation which are present in the mind of a teenage girl. Try to encourage your teenage girl to accept this menstruation cycle by explaining it to her that the menstruation cycle is part of normal life.    

·         Low Self-esteem level:

Teenage girls are more susceptible to these problems. Because teenage girls have a habit of comparing themselves with other girls of the same age or older age.


Parents can easily stop this problem of low self-esteem by monitoring teenage girl activities. Try to monitor whether your girl has started to idolize someone else as a role model or not. If she is idolizing someone then immediately stop this activity by explaining it to her that everyone is different from each other. Always try to encourage her that she is perfect as the way she is. This will help her to boost her self-esteem level.


At the end of this blog, an important conclusion can be drawn out of it that parents act as an ideal guide for teenagers. Parents can solve their teenage kid problems on their own by following some important techniques. As a teenager, it must be your responsibility to follow all the rules and code of conduct fixed by them. By following these rules and regulation, you can achieve great heights in life. So here comes the end of my blog, till my next blog stay safe and stay healthy. 


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